A Little About Ourselves

The Workshop The Workshop

I have held a passion for making things for as long as I can remember. My parents love to remind me of a childhood summer holiday to France where upon opening my suitcase, rather than a teddy or similar, I had packed a hammer and an extension lead. I’m never without a project and can’t imagine looking at our own house and feeling that it is truly completed. I love every bit of designing, manufacturing and finishing what started as a spark within my, or someone else’s, mind! More often than not my projects revolve around timber. I have no doubt that this was thanks to my Grandfather, Charlie, who was a carpenter and also never one to sit down. I can still, and always will, remember standing with him in his garage planing a piece of wood until it was nothing but wisps around our feet.

More than three decades on and I couldn’t be happier that my insatiable interest in what I do has led me to where I am now. I have a workshop that over the years has been furnished with some of the best machinery available. All of this is specific to the cabinet making industry, with accuracy down to a tenth of a millimetre. I have a purpose-built spray finishing facility that enables me to use products and achieve finishes simply not available to someone without this equipment. I also have a vast bank of contacts that allows me access to materials and products that are otherwise overlooked.

Designing a cabinet in Sketch Up
Working in the workshop

Thanks to the above, despite my ‘sole-trader’ status, I undertake commissions with a wide scope. I have surrounded myself with people who hold the same values as me, and with whom I frequently work alongside when their specific skills and abilities are required. However, because of my ‘sole-trader’ status I’m also happy to take on small projects. Regardless of the scale of the commission, the same high level of interest, attention to detail and care is granted to every task.

Please feel free to contact me to arrange a no-obligation visit to discuss what you have in mind. I’m always glad to produce drawings and a provisional quote to begin the process of a commission, whether it is a unique pair of bedside-tables, a bespoke kitchen, or anything in between!